I think I can say that this day went pretty well. I had my exam, and I'm pretty sure I'll pass it. 
That means I can concentrate on all the things I was planning to do this summer. I'd like to renew my summer collection and these clothes are definitely must have:

I think short sleeve t-shirts are perfect for the summer, in light colors of course. And I like wearing shirts, especially the ones with floral elements. 

 Skirts and shorts are also in. The best thing to do is to make a DIY shorts from old trousers. I think I might do that.
When I talk about bags, I prefer wearing backpacks. They're more suitable. But I also prefer floral elements. You can't do nothing better to welcome the summer.
And in the end, shoes. I'm a sports type, so I could never leave my house without my sneakers. I simply adore them. And they can be worn in fall, spring or summer. It doesn't matter. Sandals are also welcome. I like Roman sandals and the simple ones. 
And, voila. This is the perfect summer wardrobe.  

taken from fashiolista.com