(shirt; mom's closet / dres; store in Osijek / shoes; local store Bingo / bag, gifted / rings; personal collection )

 We had a lot of fun when we were in Opatija. I remember this day. We were walking in the park Angiolina when we discovered these paintings on the wall. Those are all the famous people who visited Opatija. One of them were Isadora Duncan, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Nabokov, James Joyce, the Lumiere brothers etc. I thought it would be a perfect background for my outfit post, so we shot the pictures here. The only bad thing about the park is that there are a lot of mosquitos. My sister got the most bites. Later, when we walked,  a lot of people were staring at me. Mostly at my shoes and my cross ring. That made me feel uncomfortable. I hate when people stare at me. Anyway, I miss Opatija, I'm so bored here. I'm not a big fan of summer, the weather doesn't suite me. How do you spend your days?