you were an island and I passed you by

( jacket: gifted / shirt: Haris Exp / skirt: mom's closet / shoes: New Yorker / bag:gifted ) 
I spent a lovely night in my yard with my camera. I was exploring it a little bit, since I got it recently. I came to a conclusion that my camera is quite good except when it comes to self-timer pictures. They are always blurry. I can't wait to get my hands on a professional one, but I will have to wait some time for it. 
Anyway, my days have been very boring. I have a stupid feeling that I don't know what to do with my life. I'm pretty antisocial and don't have many friends, so I guess I'll have to annoy my sister. :) September is coming soon and with it start the classes. This will be my first year at college and I'm a bit insecure about everything even though I think this is a great opportunity for a fresh start. The same town, but new people. 

  1. I quite like it that the photos are blurry! It gives them a dreamlike effect. Like your outfit too :)

  2. Hey darling,

    great blog!

    Im following!

    I would like to share my blog with you, i hope you will follow back if you like it.

    xoxo LLD

  3. Nice post

    love, katheryn

  4. Such a beautiful dress !!!!! ;-)


  5. Lovely outfit, the shoes are gorgeous.
    And that quote by Nietzcshe is everything I believe in, so inspiring.


  6. Such a cute outfit! :)

  7. i actually like the way the first pictures turned out a lot!! :)) gives them a kind of vintage feel ^^
    i'm starting at a new college in september as well!! :D same thing with same town & new people, i'm really excited about it too!! :))
    really like your blog a lot & glad i found it! following you now :)

    with love, veronika from


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