The tee is from H&M, but here's an interesting story of how I found these shorts. I get a lot of clothes from my cousins. Most of them live in Germany and Austria and have kids a little bit older than me. So when they get tired of their clothes or they grew it out, they send them to me and my sister, which is great. All of their clothes are quite preserved and they buy them in various shops. My aunt also works at Swarovski, so I have a little collection of Swarovski crystals myself. Anyway, when there's something my sister and I don't like we put the clothes in the trash bags and leave them in the attic. A few days before I found one bag and I took everything out of it. There were these shorts and a few things more. It's quite interesting how at some point we like and want the things we didn't one or two years before. Does this happen to you too?