to the moon and back

Enjoy the horizon and the night sky of Lovran. 
I remember this day, I quite enjoyed it. My sister and I were sitting in the playground, we watched some boys that played guitar. They were sitting on a ship, not a real one though. It was made for children to play. They sat there and played a song by Black Sabbath, Iron man. And then later Green Day, Boulevard of broken dreams. I really liked the sound of their instruments and the cool breeze of the night. There were at least 10 of them, but only one caught my eye. Tall, blonde with a cigarette and a guitar. Just the type for me. When they finished playing, he stood up and went with some of his friend to the rocks near the see. I never met him and I never saw him again. 
  1. Ja se sjećam jednog plavokosog dečka iz Lovrana isto! :D

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    1. nadam se da nije ista osoba :D

  2. Nice pictures, the moon is indeed beautiful. I can relate, liking a stranger from afar and never seeing the same person again.

    By the way I am your new follower. I hope you can check mine out too, maybe follow back? Thanks :)

  3. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
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  4. beautiful photos and very poetic post!
    i'm happy to follow you!
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    I wait for you! mari

  5. that's a sad ending :( nevertheless, aww!

  6. Hah, meni se uvijek tako desi na moru. Lijepe slike :)

  7. svidja mi se taj flash back, a mislim da si ga probudila u vecini nas..
    btw hvala sto si svratila na moj blog i na lijepom komentaru..pratim te sada i ako zelis mozes i ti mene pratiti :)

  8. I like your writing style and pictures. You described the evening so well, I felt I could've been there. Maybe next time, you'll say Hi.


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