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Happy Halloween!
I couldn't resist. I had to write a post on the 31th October. I love Halloween, it's the only time of the year where you can be anything you want to.  I wish we celebrated it here like people do in the US.
I was planing to go to a Halloween party at the American corner, but changed my mind. I stayed home and watched Paranormal activity 4 with my sister and cousins. We later did a little make-over party. It was quite fun. What were you this year? 

  1. happy halloween sunshine!

    i'll be rocking my hot pink skelly earrings + writing a dreaded paper while eating some favorite candies.

    autumn jordan

  2. super mi je ova druga fotkica :)


  3. HaHaHaHa...I love your picture! I couldn't do anything as I was travelling, but managed to do a blog post : )

  4. Anonymous1.11.12

    i ko je sliko drugu sliku? ;Đ

  5. Ova slika s jabukama mi je izgleda veoma kreativno. A sta si to tacno ti bila za noc vjestica? Ne vidim dobro na slici :)
    Jako lijepo <3

    1. hvala, umm imala sam samo taman make up i dugu crnu haljinu. nista posebno :)

  6. Make up party, sounds fun! Love the first photo :)


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