I've seen that many bloggers have like 50 pairs of shoes, and I've been always wondering how. Do they collect shoes or do they only buy them? Ha ha.
That's not the situation with me. I think I have about  6 or 7 pairs that I wear. Most of the shoes I own aren't of good quality so they get damaged fast. Anyway, I think most of you have noticed that I mostly wear my grey Converse sneakers. I'm totally in love with them. Since I was a child, I wanted to have an original pair of Converse sneakers, but my parents didn't want to buy them. So, a few months ago I started collecting money and bought them myself. It took me about two and a half months, and I didn't regret it. The money was well invested :) 
I'd like to own a pair of Dr. Martens as well. Be's martens are adorable. Well, I know what my next investment will be!