You have already noticed that I enjoy autumn when it comes to the nature ( here and here ). So here's another photo. We call them autumn roses here and I find them very beautiful. My mom doesn't have them in our backyard, so she always brings some from grandma. 

Also, I got this gold choker necklace today. I'm still waiting for two rings to come. I ordered them  a month ago and they still haven't arrived. 

I had a very lazy week, just like I planned to. No learning, just lying around, listening to music and  tumbling. But my little vacation's over now. I can't wait to finish this semester, because after that Be and I are going to visit Terez in Vienna. I can't wait. I miss her so much, and I have these ( not sure how to call them ) "happy attacks" when I think of all the great time we're going to have there. That's my motivation for learning.
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