My sister had to write a report for school. The theme was human phobias. And it turned out that I have a social phobia. Actually, I already knew it because I'm really shy, but I didn't know it can be described as a phobia. I read the symptoms and 75 % of them describe me.
Anyway, I don't know if I'd told you that I passed my first exam. I got a D. 
I had another exam today, and then two next week. I really don't know where to turn my head.
I also noticed the feeling of melancholy in the past few days. I feel tired all the time, but can't sleep. And I have these weird dreams of people and places I dreamed years ago. My dreams don't repeat, they continue on.  I would like to know what they mean, what they represent. I was always curious when it comes to dreams but could never explain anything about them. I should probably buy a book to help me understand better. Every dream has a meaning, at least in my opinion.
My life is pretty complicated at the moment, and I wish I could just press the pause button and wander away. Go somewhere else. Or a fresh start. Yeah, I could really use a fresh start. 
For now, I let music to relax my thoughts. It really helps. 
All I'm listening to right now is Alter Bridge. I picked a song for you. I always listen to it before I go to sleep.
Enjoy the rest of the night!