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My sister had to write a report for school. The theme was human phobias. And it turned out that I have a social phobia. Actually, I already knew it because I'm really shy, but I didn't know it can be described as a phobia. I read the symptoms and 75 % of them describe me.
Anyway, I don't know if I'd told you that I passed my first exam. I got a D. 
I had another exam today, and then two next week. I really don't know where to turn my head.
I also noticed the feeling of melancholy in the past few days. I feel tired all the time, but can't sleep. And I have these weird dreams of people and places I dreamed years ago. My dreams don't repeat, they continue on.  I would like to know what they mean, what they represent. I was always curious when it comes to dreams but could never explain anything about them. I should probably buy a book to help me understand better. Every dream has a meaning, at least in my opinion.
My life is pretty complicated at the moment, and I wish I could just press the pause button and wander away. Go somewhere else. Or a fresh start. Yeah, I could really use a fresh start. 
For now, I let music to relax my thoughts. It really helps. 
All I'm listening to right now is Alter Bridge. I picked a song for you. I always listen to it before I go to sleep.
Enjoy the rest of the night!


  1. cestitam na polozenom ispitu! :D
    a razumijem sve o cemu pricas, od fobija do umora i snova, slicna sam :)
    prelijepe su mi ove dvije fotografije..posebno ova druga, kao da ima neko znacenje? ne znam jeli to bila namjera..


  2. hvala! pa može se reći i da jest :)

  3. Love your post!! Great words!


  4. I'm in the same situation, so tired but I can't sleep .. akward :(


  5. Anonymous13.11.12

    Press pause and breathe. xx

  6. Just escape in something for a half an hour, an hour, whatever just so you can refresh your batteries. I know the constant feeling of pressure all the time but if I don't take a moment for myself I go insane after a while (not good).
    I get the feeling of restless nights, with winter around the corner my energy gets drained so easily too, taking some extra vitamins also helps. For the sleeping maybe you just keep stuck with too many thoughts in your mind so your head isn't in res-modus but in constant 'work-work-work'. I'm going on way too long now haha. Hope I could help :p

  7. Hey Filipa. I hope you can overcome these hard times and keep your head. I absolutely love your photgraphy, very beautiful! Now following, good luck with your exams - I'm struggling with them too at the moment!

    Best wishes,
    Rachel xx


  8. Love the photographs! I'm not trying to sound ignorant, but I guess sometimes having social phobia means that you have more time to spend on yourself, and that is never a bad thing honey. Perhaps sometimes I have that kind of phobia, and other times I'll have panic separation anxiety. I wish you the best for all things in life and good luck with school!

    The Dilly Chic


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