This week's been a very long week, but it still isn't over. I had an exam on Monday and I'm having another one on Thursday. All I've been doing lately is learn. I don't remember when was the last time I went out and had fun.
I can't wait for this week to finish. After it I won't be having any exams until December.
I think I'll go out this Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it. I miss my friends and I miss the going outs.
Anyway, some of my ebay orders arrived, the cute cat ring, a daisy ring and a dragonfly necklace, which you can't see on the photo. It  belongs to my sister. I'm still waiting for the other orders to arrive, five rings and a necklace. 
Do you like them?

"Will you lay me down in the same place with all I love"; a verse from the song Broken Wings from Alter Bridge. It's on my mind all the time. Imagine me singing it :) 

  1. jaooo kako je sladak ta macica prsten *-*


  2. love your T-shirt dear

  3. I love the cat and daisy ring plus they have a unique look
    wish you all the best in your exam

  4. Love these photo's! You can always greatly capture a certain mood in them. I hope you do well on all your exams, just hang in there the fun things are probably just around the corner. Cool ring by the way.
    x Maya

  5. everytime I am here I like you even more.

  6. Love the rings!!!And I am in love with the t shirt!! I have a hole collection of rock band t-shirts!

  7. Love love love the cat ring!
    and the lighting on the guns n roses shirt pic is beautiful!

  8. Love love love the cat ring!
    and the guns and roses shirt picture has such beautiful lighting deary. Your hair is so pretty!


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