you are the poet

/ dust at the top of wardrobe
/ lavender
/ window in grandma's room
/ vase covered with dust and cobweb
/ fake flowers

Running through the house with a camera in my arms and taking pictures of every object that caught my eye. Love how it turned out!

  1. Such a great atmosphere in these photographs! Sounds like an awesome exercise to try out myself as well :D I just love how all your photo's transfer this great mood.

  2. thanks for commenting on my blog! followed, feel free to follow back :) xx

  3. Pretty, ethereal photos. Love!


  4. divno, tacno si docarala taj osjecaj


  5. How beautiful! Your pictures are so inspiring!

  6. lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
    great photos <3
    I am now following you, thanks for letting me know about your blog :)

  7. lovely!!!
    I am following you! Your blog was a great discovery! Really liked it ^^
    I am following you, let me know if you follow back


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