Dress, $93 / H&M denim jacket, $46 / Converse leather shoes / FOSSIL leather handbag, $310 / Stackable ring / A Peace Treaty stackable ring / Flower hair accessory

It might seem a little bit funny to write a post about spring when it's actually snowing outside, but the only thing I can think of is the sunny weather and me wearing a dress+sneakers. I just can't wait to get my sneakers of the shelf and replace the booties with them. Also, denim jackets, dresses, shorts and crop tees. All of that is already in my wardrobe just waiting for the spring to come so I can wear it.
And flower headbands! I'm really into flower headbands lately. As I mentioned before, I ordered 40 plastic flowers from eBay. When they arrive, I'm going to make a gorgeous flower crown. More of them, hopefully.