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Big turn on: tattoos.
I've been wanting and dreaming to have a tattoo since I can remember. Unfortunately, my parents were never let me do it because they don't like tattoos and find people who have them weird and dangerous. Something I'll never understand.

"The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos." - Author unknown 

  1. I've always wanted to get a tattoo too, but needles scare me.

  2. Nice post!!!
    Wanna follow each???
    Let me know....

  3. beautiful photos!
    If you look really quickly at the photo of your hand...for a split second it looks like there's a hole there. haha

  4. Lijepe fotkice, mozda ukradem koju.. :P

  5. I've read once that the only difference between people with tattoos and those who don't have them is that people who have them aren't bothered by the fact that others don't. I have a bunch of them and I can tell you it's true.:) I can also tell you that my mother is VERY bothered by them.:) But you can't please your mother for ever... Gorgeous photos too.;)

    1. I read it too :) And I agree, I can't please my parents forever and I won't. But as long as I'm living under their roof I'll have to. Just hope I'll find my own place soon enough!

  6. ja obozavam tetovaze, imam jednu i planiram jos punooo :D kad sam isla da je radim nisu ni znali gdje idem, samo sam se vratila sa tetovazom, doduse moji nisu nikad ni imali problem s tim, tako da sam znala da igram na sigurno :)



  7. It's so funny you posted this. I recently got my first two tattoos and it was only because I was old enough to make the decision confidently.

  8. I really like subtle tattoo's and I don't dislike people with them but I'm still too afraid to get one, dunno it has to be for lifetime right so it has to be something special :p I one time read that you have to have a drawing of what you want with you every day for a year and if you don't grow tired of it a single day, it's a keeper. Otherwise you might regret getting it

    1. I'm afraid of the needles, that's actually the only fear I have when it comes to tattoos. And I'm aware that that's something you'll have on your skin until the day you die so it should be something special, something that means a lot to me.
      But again, if I'm not sure, I can try with the temporary ones first.

  9. i love these photos

  10. I love tattoos, particularly small ones with some kind of meaning. It's funny, when I was much younger, I had such a negative idea of tattoos because that was how my parents saw them, but as I've gotten older and made up my own mind about tattoos, I've realised they don't have to be that way at all. Now I find them quite beautiful, and I'm seriously considering getting one myself, although the needles are still quite off-putting!


  11. stunning photos!

    xoxo from rome


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