blue rose

Those of you who follow me on facebookflickr and tumblr have already seen this beautiful rose. It's actually a gift for my mom. 
I love roses and I have a hobby of collecting them, so when I saw this one I immediately wanted it for my collection. Plus, it was a perfect present for my mom for the international women's day. It's usually very hard to find blue roses here in Tuzla, so I guess I was lucky.
My mom loved it and was really happy and surprised. 

When it withers, it'll go in the box with the rest of the roses I collected. 

  1. Anonymous10.3.13

    Blue roses are pretty, never knew they existed. Blue is my favorite color, so this is the perfect rose.
    xoxo KJ

  2. jano nisam nista ljepse odavno vidjela

  3. Oh wow I've never seen a blue rose from closeby before! You must have been so lucky to find it :D Great gift for your mom!

  4. divna je, a ne cudi me sto je tesko naci kod nas, sve je tesko naci kod nas :/


  5. That is awesome. Thanks for your message on ifb. want to follow eachother?

    1. thanks! I'll check your blog out and follow if I like it! :)

  6. Boja ruze <3..prelijepa je


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