i miss, i crave

(some photos I took last summer)
All this cold and snow make it really hard to do anything. I was so happy that the spring finally came, but instead of flowers and sun we just got more snow. 

I really miss the warm weather and the long walks I used to take. I miss the smell of the roses, the sound of the running water, I miss wearing dresses, skirts and sneakers.

I crave for summer, for the sea, the birds, ice cream and traveling. 

Be and I are planning to visit Terez in Vienna this summer. I really hope we'll be able to go there because I'm really looking forward to it. I have already chosen the places we're going to visit. 

  1. Predobre slike!
    Držimo fige da nam što prije dođe lijepo vrijeme :D

  2. I know the feeling. Vienna sounds wonderful.



  3. Oh so you had more snow as well then? I really wish it'll go away as well here!
    We've all had enough right :) Vienna sounds so amazing!
    Maya - Archistas

  4. Anonymous28.3.13

    Fantastične slike!

  5. I think we're all fed up with this shitty weather. What's up with the frigging snow in the middle of March?! I hope you make the trip, Vienna sounds like a dream!


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