take a break

Hi there!
It's been exactly a week since my last post, but I just couldn't make myself to write another one. I had a quite difficult week at the uni, so I thought I could use some time and think about stuff and also take a break from everything, clear my head etc.
I also want to make some blog changes, not sure which yet. 

And I'm extremely happy that the spring finally came, even though the sun isn't shining that much and there aren't many flowers. I hope they'll start blooming soon.

What's your week been like? 

  1. meni vrijeme prolazi u iscekivanju pravog proljeca sa cvijecem, pticicama, beharom..



  2. uni is so hard for me too at the moment!

    xx Domenic from STYLEHUNTINGCLUB

  3. My week has been pretty hectic. I hope that you don't get too stressed about school! Hang in there. :)

  4. My weeks are so on-off hectic all the time I sometimes don't want to blog anymore either.
    I'm glad spring finally arrived for you! Hopefully the flowers will bloom soon so you can take lovely photo's :D
    Maya - Archistas


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