( Flower crown: DIY ; dress: *Romwe; leaf ring: eBay and Converse sneakers)

I thought it would be great if I took some photos while the cherry blossom's still here, but I made the wrong choice (or at least I shouldn't have picked a floral dress with a floral background). But, oh well. 

As always, the biggest spring trends are floral prints. I must confess that I always loved floral dresses, but I was never able to find a good one. Most of them were too expensive, so I couldn't afford them. 
This spring I got lucky and I filled my wardrobe with three floral dresses and a skirt. This will be the first spring with me wearing floral clothing, but not the last one for sure! 

I also added a new ring to my ring collection (my favorite rings can be seen here).
And, I'm really enjoying this weather and my Converse sneakers. 

Have a lovely Friday and enjoy the weekend!

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