(my fave rings atm)

This week's IFB project is all about jewelry. That seemed like a great idea because I already planned on writing a post about the jewelry I wear. I didn't post it before because I didn't really like the photos I've taken (if only you knew how much trouble I had while writing this post). I should definitely invest in a good DSLR camera. Mine takes good photos only when they're taken outside.

Anyway, I used to be quite obsessed with rings and I managed to make a nice collection over the years. In the beginning I wore lots of them and I always took the big ones ( check the posts here, here and here). I remember browsing eBay day and night. I used to buy two finger rings, animal shaped rings, cat & flowers rings and even mask rings. (Wow, I just realized that I dedicated a lot of posts to my rings).

As the time flew my obsession got smaller and now I'm wearing just a few or none.
At the moment, I'm attracted to stacking rings. They're quite simple and look good with anything. 

What do you think about it? What is your favorite kind of jewelry?