Writing a blog seems quite hard these days. Not that I don't want to or don't have time to do it (I'm a quite lazy person and I always have time to do other things instead of the ones I should be doing), but that I'm totally uninspired. I'm in that mood where I could lay down and do nothing the whole day. I'm just sad that this spring doesn't look like spring at all. 

Well, I had a busy week too. My brother celebrated his birthday and then there were Easter holidays and we had a full house for four days. Plus, I had two exams I had to learn for.
But I changed the blog layout, as you can see, and I like it a lot so I might leave it like this for some time.

And now, the real subject. 
Most of my friends used to tell me that I shouldn't be wearing oversized stuff because it doesn't suite me well and that as a skinny person I should wear clothes that show off my figure. But, I hate tight clothing because they don't make me feel comfortable. Oversized is more me. I like things that let my skin breathe, and I get very excited when I find something in my parents' closet. Wearing dad's old hoodies and shirts is just what I like. Like this jumper for example. I just love it, but it was much bigger before. It shrank after all the washing. 

Oh, and I realized I never showed you that I actually bought this bag, so here it is. I'm wearing it everyday in uni. It's huge and has a lot of space (I need bigger bags because I tend to eat a lot of sweets and I need to put them somewhere. I don't want you to think I'm a bad student - there's also place left for my pencil and notebook).

  1. Amazing photos and im totally in love with your backpack!

  2. oh my Filipa :)) <3

  3. Loving the sweater girl! And don't worry about oversized clothes, everyone notices the difference between skinny or not so skinny people no matter what you wear and if you feel better in more baggy clothes go for it! Fashion is all about being yourself and feeling comfortable :)
    Hope your exams went well. And great new layout!
    Maya - Archistas

  4. mnogo dobra torba ;)



  5. That bag is really awesome, where's it from?



    1. thanks! I bought it on eBay :)

  6. I love wearing oversized clothes! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  7. Love your black and white backpack!!


  8. Your images are very descriptive! And I'm in love with trees! Do you?


  9. Lovely. What can I say? Wear what you want to wear!

  10. the bag is to die for!!

    x Nejra

  11. another thing we have in common dear F... oversized clothes are lovable, forgiving and beautiful. i say, don't listen to the little people that say such things only to comfort themselves, do what YOU want!

  12. Ruksak je preeedobar :)

  13. The point is to be yourself! Ok, your friends advice you 'cause they care about you! But, what matters most, is you to be comfortable and confident :)


  14. I love oversized, also love that bag!



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