Writing a blog seems quite hard these days. Not that I don't want to or don't have time to do it (I'm a quite lazy person and I always have time to do other things instead of the ones I should be doing), but that I'm totally uninspired. I'm in that mood where I could lay down and do nothing the whole day. I'm just sad that this spring doesn't look like spring at all. 

Well, I had a busy week too. My brother celebrated his birthday and then there were Easter holidays and we had a full house for four days. Plus, I had two exams I had to learn for.
But I changed the blog layout, as you can see, and I like it a lot so I might leave it like this for some time.

And now, the real subject. 
Most of my friends used to tell me that I shouldn't be wearing oversized stuff because it doesn't suite me well and that as a skinny person I should wear clothes that show off my figure. But, I hate tight clothing because they don't make me feel comfortable. Oversized is more me. I like things that let my skin breathe, and I get very excited when I find something in my parents' closet. Wearing dad's old hoodies and shirts is just what I like. Like this jumper for example. I just love it, but it was much bigger before. It shrank after all the washing. 

Oh, and I realized I never showed you that I actually bought this bag, so here it is. I'm wearing it everyday in uni. It's huge and has a lot of space (I need bigger bags because I tend to eat a lot of sweets and I need to put them somewhere. I don't want you to think I'm a bad student - there's also place left for my pencil and notebook).