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Be and I went to Natalija Cimeša's gallery opening yesterday. I love her work, it's fascinating and unique. The paintings I liked the most are the women paintings, which I can't describe in words. Like the one in the first photo. 
I managed to take just a few snaps, since the place was quite crowded and full of TV reporters. And Be and I don't like being caught on camera and we hate the crowd too. Some of the photographers still managed to take a photo of us, but luckily, we didn't appear anywhere in the news (I checked).

I find it amazing that there's actually something good happening here in Tuzla. 
I'm definitely going to visit Natalija's gallery again when there's no crowd and I can enjoy her art in peace. 


p.s. Head over to the Etail PR blog and check my guest post. I wrote some photography tips which you might like. 
  1. I always prefer to enjoy art in a quiet atmosphere, openings are great but nothing beats walking in a big museum with little to no people.
    Congrats on the feature on that other blog, your photography is really good :) Maya - Archistas

  2. Ne izbjegavaj vise kameru ;) i blog je korak u javnost!

  3. Anonymous9.4.13

    loved the art!! great post! xx

  4. predivno :)


  5. really pretty blog.
    I have a giveaway on my blog that i would love for you to enter :)
    Rachaels Blog

    Rachael xx

  6. I love the paintings. And your post about the photography tips is amazing! :) :*


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