It too hot, it's too hot, it's too f***** hot! I wanted summer so bad, but these temperatures are just too high. A friend of mine said a good thing, in summer you stay inside your house when the sun comes out until it goes down.
I didn't really plan to leave the house, but I had to accompany my sister to the post this morning, because she turned 18 last month and needs to get an ID card. The lines where too long and the people that work there are so unkind. 

Anyway, I'm still extremely happy that I almost finished my first year of uni, and that I can finally wear skirts and dresses. The skirt is the newest piece of clothing in my wardrobe. As you can see, I'm still not ready to put my sneakers on the shelf, but I might do it soon. 

I also have a special love to this custom made tote bag I got from the lovely ladies from Puce. I know that a lot of people think I'm a freak and a weird person (I don't mind it at all. Actually, I like when people call me weird, so I decided to put the word on my bag). 

wearing: shirt: mom's closet; skirt: *Romwe, Converse sneakers and custom made tote bag: Puce.