I've been preparing this post for days, and I still don't know if I really like it. Since the summer is almost over, I wanted to share my adventures (not that I really had big ones, but well) and show you how I spent it, just like I did last year (this is probably my favorite post). And the biggest problem were the photos, because I wanted to make something special out of them and I simply couldn't agree with myself. First, I just wrote sentences over the photos and I pretty much liked it that way, but then I thought that I could make polaroids but either I couldn't find the right PS tutorial, or I couldn't find the desired texture, so I downloaded some polaroid frames and just placed the photos in them and that didn't really turned out good, so I gave up.

And... here they are now. 

I must admit that I had a wonderful summer. I passed all my exams, except for one, which I had today (and I did it well, I'm sure I'll pass it), spent time with my friends, took a bath in the sea, visited the Kaleidoskop Festival and had fun. Time well spent!

I'm really looking forward to the cold weather and the rain. I miss wearing jackets, warm sweaters and boots.