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A few days ago, I cleaned my hard drive and deleted many photos. The ones that I liked the most or that bring the best memories were put in a "private collection" folder. The folder has almost 400 photos and each one of them is very important to me. It reminds me of the beautiful moments I spent with my friends, and I'm sure that in five or ten years it will be fun to see what I did when I was younger.

I wanted to share a few photos on this blog. Hope you like them.
It's almost 11 pm here in Bosnia. I have a class that starts early tomorrow, so I should go to bed now. Too bad I'm not sleepy. 

  1. I know what you're talking about, but I can never save photos. They just remind me of the fact that everything has an end.


  2. Love the pictues and gif

  3. Anonymous25.9.13

    I can very much relate to this. I started organizing my photos on my hard drives and realized that some of them were sort of pointless. They didn't bring back a particular memory or do anything but take up space. So I deleted them. I felt no guilt, no worry, just let go because the best thing, as you pointed out, about letting go is that you get to focus on the ones that truly mean the most to you. ^_^

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  5. Predobre sličice :)

  6. I so understand staying up late even if you have to get up early. It's like my brain is programmed to be in night mode more. I envy morning people. Gorgeous collection of photographs! I'm sure they'll be such a great memory later on in life :D

  7. ajme, predobre su ti slikice! =)

  8. napokon malo vise slika :) superiska :)

  9. predivne fotografije<3

  10. Fun post, relly nice pictures :)



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