Since I came back from Croatia, I haven't really been going anywhere (except for the three nights at the Kaleidoskop Festival in Tuzla) and I haven't taken any photos. My friends are busy with their exams, my sister was preparing her drivers exam and my fave cousins just went to Germany. I spent my days in front of the computer, which is a really bad thing but I can't help myself. Watching movies and tumbling, that was my life these days. And eating, and sleeping.

Oh, and I spent the last three days in bed because I hurt my back and wasn't able to move. I'm a clumsy person, what can I do. The funny thing is that I don't even know how it happened. I was on the roof picking plumbs for my mom (she wanted to make a jam), and I just bent down to get the plumbs that weren't on the tree and bum. My back started to hurt so much I could barely move. 

Anyway, these are the last photos from my vacation. By now, I have shown you all photos I've taken when I was in Croatia, so I can say that they're "out of stock", haha. 

I still have two weeks before my lessons start and I should plan my activities because I really don't want to be a couch potato anymore. I think I might go and drive my bike (I haven't done it in years).