1. I always wanted to take a photo of a butterfly, but they'd always run away. This one didn't, but I think he was dead when I found him. He didn't move at all.
  2. I never noticed how beautiful these two buildings look like before.
  3. The first successful photo of a bee.
  4. I like taking photos of the sky.
  5. Dandelions look so magical, as if they are from a fairy tale. 

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love the dandelion one! The bee one sort of scared me but it's pretty awesome anyway.
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  2. Such great photographs! loving the detail of the 2nd photo too, the little things in architecture are always the best to notice :)

  3. I love the second photo, where the architecture is really interesting. I also love close-up shoots, so the flower photos are beautiful too!

  4. Love your photos. Looks like a pastel color story!

  5. beautiful.

  6. Anonymous18.3.14

    You take really good photos.
    But i have one advice if you want to "catch" a butterfly. Get up early like at 4-6a.m. and they won't fly away.
    Too tired maybe? idk.
    You can check out some of my photographs of them if you like. :)


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