For me, it was always difficult to find a place where I can buy glasses (I'm talking about sunglasses because I don't wear any prescription glasses). The funny thing is that I still don't own a pair of sunglasses. 

Today I'll present you to a eye glasses online shop. is the perfect place to buy prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. I was browsing their site and I can say that they have a quite lovely collection of glasses. My favorite are the white and the gold w/tortoise sunglasses (picture below).

GlassesUSA offer the highest quality optical products at the most affordable prices all across the world. They also have a variety of shipping methods so that the buyer can choose the shipping method that best suits his/her needs. Besides that, they offer free return shipping, fastest delivery and best price guarantee. 

Another great thing about this site is the virtual mirror feature. You should definitely try it out. It's fun and you can see what kind of glasses fit you best. I would show you my photo but my webcam quality is really bad, and I don't want to have it on the blog.

But that's not all. You can get 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Just use the code: Blog10