about the bag

mint backpack: Romwe
tote bag: Puce.

I had an exam today, and I think I did it pretty well. I should be able to pass it, and maybe even get a higher note (or maybe not, will see). 

I recently wrote a post about tote bags on the YEL blog (I started contributing to their blog and I'm really excited about that. This was my first post, it isn't that good, but I'm glad they published it), and that inspired me to the the same here. Since I didn't have much time to write or take photos for this blog, I thought I could show you my favorite bags (with the unpublished photos from this and this post).  

So, all I've been wearing in the past few months were this mint backpack and the weirdo tote bag. I was always a backpack person and I love wearing them and this mint one is probably the prettiest I have.
I also have a special love for this tote bag (you might have already noticed that since I'm wearing it in almost every post). I'm also thinking about buying another one, but I still need to figure out what design I want. 

Enjoy the weekend! 

  1. Zelim jos slika...em suknjica, em kosljica su mi superiska a ne mogu da ih vidim akko treba..

  2. I like both bags. Congrats for doing well on your exam! ♡ :-)

  3. Both bags are so cool :) I love tote's they're the handiest thing ever (especially if you already have another purse which is too full to put extra stuff in it)


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