It started snowing yesterday and today was so cold. I don't like snow, I used to like it when I was little (especially because I believed that Santa wouldn't come if it wasn't snowing), but I don't anymore. I dislike everything that's cold (except for the rain maybe, but  the one in spring). I'm a summer child.

Last year, I took these photos and they are still some of my favorites. Those were also the first photos of snow I ever took. I took this photo yesterday on my way to uni. I wanted to take more photos but my camera turned off because my batteries are broken and now I need to buy new ones. 

Hope you like the photo and enjoy this very cold day! I'm going to make myself a hot cup of coffee and watch my favorite TV series. 

  1. great, i love it <3


  2. I dislike the cold too but the darkness is even worse. Pretty picture.



  3. The snow hasn't stuck where I'm at yet, and whole I'm glad for the sake of not having to drive in it, I am also excited for how pretty it looks when everything is coated in white.

    Thanks for the discount link. Me thinks I've got some shopping to do. :-)

  4. Great picture - very poetic:)
    I love the snow, but not when driving.

  5. i ja ne volim snijeg, i najradije bi zivjela negdje gdje je ljeto 365 dana u godini :)

  6. I don't know exactly how being surrounded with snow feels like because I live in a tropical country. This photo is gorgeous. ♡

  7. finally,i love snow so so so much xDDD

  8. Gosh so cool it started snowing already! We had some but it melted straight away :D


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