I think it would be kind of interesting if I picked a topic from time to time and wrote about it on the blog. What do you think? It could be a new category starting from 2014. 
Well, today's topic would be hair. I noticed that I actually never talked about it so I thought I could do it now. Ever since I can remember I had long blonde hair. I posted a picture of it on my Instagram (you can find it here if you haven't seen it before). The first time I cut it was in spring 2012. I had a fringe cut before that though. 

The point is that I never really looked for a change when I was younger and I liked my hair the way it was. But I'm not sorry that I decided to cut it. It's true that I miss it sometimes, but I'm not sorry at all. Besides being very thick, my hair was also quite hard to maintain.

I always admired people that experimented with their hair, but I was never brave enough to do it, plus my parents didn't allow me to dye my hair either. 

(photo source pinterest.com)

When it comes to hairstyles, my favorite was the dip dye. It's something I always liked and I still do. Do you think it would look nice on me? I'm just not sure which color I could choose. And I used to like braid buns (I'm not sure if I can call them like that). Unfortunately, I can only make a simple braid, so in order to have my hair done like here and here, I would have to go to the hairdresser. 

I also liked seeing people wear hair extensions, but as my hair was long I didn't need any extensions. But hair extensions are something I'd like to try (if I do, I'll definitely share the look on the blog). 

That's why I'm presenting you Seek Hair today. If any of you are like me and want to try hair extensions out or just wonder where you can buy them, Seek Hair is the perfect place for that.
Seek Hair is an online hair extension site where you can find top quality products at low prices. All hair extensions are 100% human hair. You also have a big amount of choices. You can choose the color, length, shape or size you like the most.The site is definitely worth a look, don't you think? 

What are your favorite hair styles? Would you like to try hair extensions? Share your thoughts in the comments! You can find more about my hair inspirations on my pinterest board here. Do you think any of these would fit me?