I had an exam today and it was ok. Maybe I'll pass it, maybe not, but the good thing is that I have another chance if I fail it, so I have no worries (at least for now). This semester is almost over. I have classes for just one more week and I can't wait for them to finish. Unfortunately, January is all about finals and I hope I can pass them all. Be and I are making plans to go to Vienna and visit Terez in February. I really hope we'll be able to do that. 

Anyway, here are a few photos I took this morning. I know I said it a thousand times, but I really don't like snow. I used to like it when I was little, especially because I thought that Santa wouldn't come if there was no snow, so I literally begged for it to fall. It's interesting how people change. Now, I only like snow on  photos and that's it. 

I have a project I have to handle in tomorrow so I'll spend the rest of the day working on it! How about you? 

  1. Gorgeous photos. I know exactly what you mean, when I was younger I loved the snow and I only really like looking at snow in photographs, even when I'm skiing I keep thinking about how nice the scenery would look in a photo rather than actually enjoying the snow. Good luck with your exams, I'm sure all will go well.


  2. Let's switch places! We don't even have snow in winter here, so maybe you'll be safe while I go and throw myself to the snow haha
    Mortem Blonde

  3. divno! tvoje fotografije su sve ljepse i ljepse i uzivam u njima :)

  4. Great photos, I like how you took them from above the flowers, it gives them a certain touch.
    Snow isn't one of my favourites too, I like rain much more, it's so beautiful when it has just rained and the whole world smells fresh and glitters because of the water!
    Good luck with your project, I know you'll do amazing! ;)

  5. Stunning shots. I'm not used to seeing snow so maybe I love snow because it looks magical in photos. I wish you all the best in your upcoming exams! ♡

  6. Loving these photographs! I hope it'll snow here in Belgium soon, I really love those breathtaking nature sights. Hope you have the best holidays.
    And so funny you don't like the snow, send it to me instead ;)

  7. Lovely photos & good luck for your exams lovely!
    Have a wonderful holidays.
    Jess |


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