cardigan *Romwe
backpack *Romwe (direct link)

I finally bought new batteries for my camera and now I can take photos without any problems (Hooray!). A big thanks to Jelena for taking these photos and for making my day happier with all her songs. I had a quite lovely day today. I'm not sick anymore, and my eye hurts only a bit, but I think that in a day or two it will be ok again. Now, I have to start learning for an exam I have on Monday. I can't wait to finish with all finals so I can rest properly. 

The newest pieces in my closet are this cardigan and the backpack I got from Romwe. I can 't describe you the love I have for this backpack. It's perfect! It's a little bit bigger than I thought it would be, but still perfect! Enjoy the rest of the night!