Happy New Year! 

"Why do people wait for New Years to change their lives?"- a quote I run into while tumbling and I have to say that I agree. You don't have to wait for the New Year to make changes in your life. 

I can't really say that these are my New Year's resolutions, because it's something that I've always wanted. I just hope that in 2014 it will be easier to fulfill these things. As you could read on the photos, these resolutions would be: 
  • STAY OPTIMISTIC - I can proudly say that I'm an optimist and I always look at the things from the bright side. Even when I know for sure that something will go wrong, or that I'll fail that exam (for example), I always have this tiny hope that it will turn out to be good in the end. Some people say that when you really believe in something, it will come true. That's why I want to think good, so I can get good.
  •  WORK ON MY PHOTOGRAPHY - I love photography and even though I still don't own a professional camera, I try to do the best out of my photos. I hope they'll get better and better. I would like to try shooting portraits and other things instead of just nature. 
  • VISIT MORE ART SHOWS - Art is also one of my big loves and I love visiting galleries and exhibitions. In 2013, I visited a few art shows, one in my hometown and a few others in Opatija, Rijeka and Kastav. I hope I'll be able to visit much more in 2014.
  • TRAVEL MORE - I don't have to say much here. Exploring new, both known and unknown places, meeting new people and just living. I hope I'll be able to travel more and see as many cities as I can.

Besides these resolutions, I could also name one other and that is BLOGGING. I hope I can blog more often and make this blog lovely and enjoyable. I want it to be true to what I love and who I am.