I think I never disliked winter like I do now. Besides the fact that I'm still not done with my exams and have to learn, I'm laying around, spending my days inside the house, on the internet (of course) and that's pretty much it. I lost every inspiration I had. I think that's mostly because last summer and the one before that were probably the best. I had so much fun, I traveled and enjoyed life. I feel nostalgic for these days.

In addition,  my camera batteries broke down again and I had to buy new ones, so there was no time (better said, no will) for taking any new photos. But since I'm in the summer nostalgia mood, I decided to share these two photos taken last summer. But hey, there are only two months left until spring. I can't wait. Until then, I'll probably stay in my room and watch TV series. I also have some ideas about redecorating my room. I might use the prints I got (if I don't get too lazy).