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you are the poet blog, filipa canic, filipa canic blog, youarethepoet, you are the poet blog
you are the poet blog, filipa canic, filipa canic blog, youarethepoet, you are the poet blog

top *Front Row Shop (direct link)
faux leather jacket *Romwe (direct link)

I spent a lot of time editing and choosing the photos I'd post, and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result. I feel that something's missing despite the fact that maybe this location wasn't the right choice after all, or that I still can't pose.  I have this problem where I can't take any photos when someone's looking at me, so I try to avoid crowded places or any kind of places with more than just a few passing visitors. If I notice anyone looking at me, I'll immediately turn all red and stop whatever I'm doing. I am very, very shy. 

Anyway, this is my first faux leather jacket and I can't get enough of it. Now that the spring is almost here and the sunny days are ahead of us, I will be wearing it quite often. It's also time to take my sneakers of the shelf and start wearing them again.
The moon shirt is the newest piece in my closet and also my favorite one. I had to have it the moment I saw it on Front Row Shop, which is also one of my favorite online shops. 

I should better go and learn now. I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck! And don't forget to join the print giveaway (here)!

  1. Such a beautiful jacket! And the shirt too. Love the photos!


  2. Majica mi je super

  3. You look lovely, I love your top! Wish I had one of those! :)

  4. Amazing look! It's my favourite of yours by now :D

  5. Cool :)

  6. Ovo mi je mozda najbolji post do sada. Mozda si se trebala uvuci medu tu malu sumu da da nesto misticno savrsenom stajlingu. Jakna je odlicna! I majica je! :$ :D

  7. The location! is lovely very inspirational, I hope you had a fun time shooting

  8. It's always hard to find the perfect leather jacket.. Looks like you found a winner (super cute!)

    Good luck on your exam!! :)

  9. I am not really keen on posing. I'm really bad at it, in fact. But I think these pictures look pretty good!
    I've got a similar t-shirt to yours, the Brandy Melville muscle moon tank one, and I can say it's pretty easy to style!
    Oh, and I'm loving your boots!

    Good luck with your test! xx

  10. Anonymous24.2.14

    I am exactly the same!
    my boyfriend tries to get photos of me for my blog and as soon as someone is near i'm like oh forget it!
    so glad its not just me haha!

  11. Hope your exam went well! Taking photo's in a crowded place isn't always easy especially if you're doing it yourself, but hey practice makes you stronger ;) I mostly ignore people nowadays :D loving that cool shirt and pretty jacket!

  12. Anonymous27.2.14

    ti si meni divna i tvoje fotke imaju dušu. samo naprijed :)

  13. Love the jacket and the entire look. I'm shy too and feel awkward taking pics in public. Good luck on your exam!

    Heel in Mint

  14. Joj moram primetiti jaknu, suuuper:)


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