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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I needed a break from the internet world. Filipa is in "that phase" again. Sometimes I think I think too much and then I get lost in everything. 
Whenever I feel sad, I try to work on myself and spend more time with my friends. Be and I have been seeing each other quite often in the past few days. Spending time with friends is always a good idea. I also realised that I spend too much time indoors, so I started going out more often and already felt better. The good thing is that after "these phases" I always change something and have a better look on my future. I like changes, they make me feel good.

On the bright side, Terez came back from Vienna and the three of us spent a lovely day together. We haven't taken any photos together for two years. Last time (in 2012), we went to a abandoned buliding, took a few photos and were surprised by a guy who came there and asked us what we were doing. We just ran off. Then we went to Banja, laughed a lot and took the best photos we could take (if you remember this gif, it will always be my favorite).

The funny thing about us is that we can't take any photos when someone is watching. That's why it is really difficult to find a good place wiithout people. Especially now, when the days are sunny and everyone is out, taking walks etc. This year's photos aren't really that good, but still good enough to put them in my private collection and laugh about them in five years. I took a few photos with my Minolta too. I'm really curious to see how they turned out. The best thing my father could ever give me was this old camera.

What are your plans for tonight? I will make myself a cappuccino and disappear in the poems of Bukowski. Take care! xx

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  1. Going out always works for me, I can't think with walls around me for too long.


  2. tvoj vjerni citaoc :))

  3. Anonymous26.4.14

    ti si bas divna

  4. Loving the first picture! Looks so cool :) Having a break once in a while is always a great idea, makes you feel refreshed


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