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dress* Romwe (direct link)
I wanted to take a few photos under the cherry blossom while it's still here. I feel like a princess in this dress, mostly because of the photos. They are kind of magical, aren't they? You will see more on my Facebook and tumblr

The reason why I haven't posted more than just these two photos is because I have this thing where all my photos have to be 800px width (also the main reason why I take horizontal photos mostly). When I make vertical photos 800px width, their height is over 1000px and that is something that bothers me because I don't like the way it looks like on my blog. The photos are too long. That's why I usually put vertical photos together so they can be 800px width and not too long. I guess you couldn't really understand what I said. So to make the long story short, all photos of this "photoshooting" are vertical and I don't like vertical photos, so I only posted these two. 

Anyway, my current obsession are pastel colors. Besides mint, which is the color that I like the most (but I only have one bag and one shirt in mint color), I love blue pastel color. I think that was the main reason why I chose this dress. It's wonderful, but I don't think I'll be wearing it that often because it's kind of formal. I guess I can wear it to weddings (even though I'm not a big fan of weddings. Weddings in my country have this stupid tradition that I hate) and similar stuff. I ordered another pastel blue dress and I hope it will arrive soon. That all from me for today. Have a nice night!

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  1. I love the cherry blossoms because they only last a week or so. This is adorable.


  2. Very pretty! So cute So elegant like Gene Kelly

  3. Cute dress!


  4. Same happens to me! I usually try to make them square or do what you do.I hadn't seen you with bangs!! You look adorable!
    Mortem Blonde

  5. Super cool pics :)
    Very nice outfit and post

  6. Romanticno i jako ljepo :)

  7. Such a pretty dress! I love the light color, goes perfectly with this spring weather :)
    I get the 'vertical photo's are too long' thing, which always makes me doubt if my layout is good enough and I'll probably change it up once I get around designing it :p

  8. Anonymous8.4.14

    love the floral nature :)

  9. This dress is perfect for Spring! Spot on!

  10. Was für schöne Bilder!
    Das Kleid ist total niedlich. :)

    Liebe Grüße

  11. its a beautiful dress, loved ure blog :)

  12. Adorable photos! And the dress is beautiful too ♥


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