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shirt second hand
dress worn as skirt Romwe

This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever done with a dress, and that is wearing it as a skirt. The truth is that I love, love this dress but I never wore it because I took one size smaller than mine (because the dress was almost sold out and I just had to have it. Never make that mistake, no mather how much you want the item, 'cause in the end you'll just have it hanging around in your closet and never wear it). The dress is not that small but a bit thight and I'm a fan of oversized clothing or at least clothing I can breath in. I didn't want to throw/sell/gift it either, so I came up with the idea of making a skirt out of it. That was brilliant. I didn't cut it (don't want to give up on the dress just yet), I just rolled the upper part down and that's it! A perfect skirt!
I've been thinking about a way to improve this blog and I guess I could include a few categories more. Feel free to give me some sugestions about what you'd like to see/read here. I also thought about post scheduling as that could keep this blog updated on a regular basis. Sometimes I have enough time to write three posts in a day, and sometimes I can't get one post in a week, so I would say that that's a great idea . The only thing is that I have to get my lazy ass up and take more photos. Let's hope I'll manage to do that!

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