a day in Budapest

I desperately wanted to share these photos here, and after all the editing and re-editing I still can't figure out why they turned out to be so bad. Maybe it's because of the zoom and the camera or maybe it's just me? Either way, I'm really disappointed! I noticed some of my readers wanted to see the photos, so in the end I decided to post them here.

I hope I'll be able to visit Budapest again some day. Even though the trip was long and tiring, Be and I had lots of fun. I also tried the Irish coffee for the first time and spent all my money on clothes (I should seriously consider reading some shopping guides as I spend too much money on clothes I don't need). Have a nice weekend! 
  1. ma super su fotkice, mani se gluposti :)

  2. I really like them! Why do you think these didn't turn out well?

  3. Thank you! @-Evamaria I guess I expected them to be a bit more clear, I'm not really sure. But thank you very much!

  4. i love your blog :)

  5. I really wanted to know what Budapest looked like and now I have a tiny idea. these are really nice despite whatever you say!
    mortem blonde

  6. Hallo! :) Auf meinem Blog findet ein Gewinnspiel statt. Es gibt mehrere Möglichkeiten teilzunehmen und zu gewinnen gibt es einen Gutschein von DefShop im Wert von 60€! Ich freue mich über deine Teilnahme! :)
    xoxo Michie ♥
    Hier kannst du teilnehmen

  7. wow this photos are beautiful! xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess


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