youarethepoet, filipa canic blog, marija leto, you are the poet blog
youarethepoet, filipa canic blog, you are the poet blog
youarethepoet, filipa canic blog, asja kunto, you are the poet blog
youarethepoet, filipa canic blog, filipa canic, you are the poet blog

/ Marija is on the first photo, Be on the third photo and Asja on the fourth photo;
The last photo was taken in Budapest

I am overwhelmed with joy today. I finally developed the film and I have to say that I'M IN LOVE WITH THE PHOTOS! There are a few minor details that I have to work on, but hey, practice makes the master! I bought a new film today as well and I'm planning on shooting with my sister and my friends more. Taking photos of people is way more fun!

Oh and this is just the first part. I will show you more photos in another post. I have some photos from my trips to Osijek and Budapest that I would like to share here, and a few nature photos as well! Make sure you tell me what you think in the comments! Have a good night! x

  1. Great photos...they have a real atmosphere!

  2. Super fotke,bas mi se dopadaju.

  3. God, these are great. Fantastic photos here they're beautiful!

    likkie xx,

  4. the very first picture is TO DIE FOR. your photography is beautiful.
    mortem blonde

  5. Theses shots are beautiful! I have a film camera lying around but I'm so nervous about using it out of fear of wasting a film :s


  6. Wow you've got a beautiful blog ! I love analog photos and you took wonderful pictures <3
    xoxo Inga

  7. i like this post a lot! <3

  8. That first photo is so perfect! It looks like something out of an old movie, the light is just stunning. Great series!


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