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walg, filipa canic blog, youarethepoet, you are the poet blog

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Okay, I'm so SO sorry for not updating this blog for a long time again. It's just that I had a pretty busy and a great summer and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends, who are now all gone including Be (she is now studying in Vienna). After that I just couldn't get back to blogging as I had no inspiration and even though I tried to write a new post, I couldn't get over the strange feeling that something isn't right.You know that feeling when you don't do something for a really long time and then you get back to it, but it just doesn't feel the same way like it used to?

ANYWAY, now that the summer is officially over (cries) and I have nothing else to do except to go to classes and spend my precious time on the internet, I might as well go back to being a blogger. I have to say that I REALLY missed sharing my outfits and daily thoughts and so on. The good thing is that I got a lot of new clothes and I can't wait to blog them.

The dress I'm wearing today was sent to me by WalG (if you haven't heard of them before, check their site out here(link)) and again, I'm in love with it. I noticed I don't really have anything red in my wardrobe, which is strange as I love the red color. The dress is a perfect summer dress, but with the weather so bad I decided to pair it with my fave denim jacket (red + denim = perfect), black thighs and ofc Converse sneakers (the weather still allows me to wear them, yes!). Tell me what you think in the comments!

Oh, and I have a new tote bag (the one in the second photo) which I absolutely adore, but I will tell you more about it and show you more photos in another post! Ttyl!
  1. Sounds like you had a better summer than me. I tried to enjoy my "last big school vacation" but it didn't work well - rainy weather and a lot of fights with friends :(
    The dress is so nice! and looks so good on you, I will cheak out the shop :)
    Love, Eva

  2. Wonderful photos! It is good to have you back ♥

  3. I really need more red in my wardrobe too :) The dress is very beautiful! I Like it
    Greetings from Jana and Aimee from Germany


  4. Sweet outfit.
    The dress I have ever seen on a blog, just know more where ^^. In any case, it was jacket and jeans with ner.
    The bag I think that's cool. I would also wear ..

    Best wishes and a nice weekend

  5. Hi Filipa nice to meet you and your lovely blog ;)
    Love the dress and sneakers combo, so pretty!!!
    I would love to keep in touch! Come check out my blog if you like !!! xo

  6. Süsses Kleid =) Jeder braucht ab und zu mal eine Auszeit und danach schreibt es sich doch gleich viel lockerer =)

  7. Anonymous27.9.14

    Very lovely! Love that dress!

  8. Great outfit! Welcome back to blogging. Look forward to future posts.


  9. Anonymous27.9.14

    lovely Outfit. You seem so sweet ! :)


  10. Das Kleid ist wirklich richtig niedlich.
    Steht dir auch ziemlich gut. :)

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Beautiful casual outfit! You look absolutely sweet and gorgeous! Great style!

  12. Toller Blog! Gefällt mir :-)

  13. You have such a lovely style. I've been meaning to get a nice denim jacket for ages. X


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