/ Be took the first photo and she is also on the second one, Asja is on the third photo and Ninoh is one the last one with me (this photo was taken with a self-timer)

It feels really great when you get back to blogging after a long time. Truth is, I never meant to stop blogging but I had a hard time and kinda lost the inspiration to do anything. Later, I tried to write a post (multiple times) but it would always turn out to be very depressing and I wasn't really ready to share my sadness with the rest of the world, nor did I want to have it "recorded" on this blog. 

I have to admit that I missed taking photos and I also missed sharing my thoughts and reading other people's blogs and comments. My days are still pretty busy (besides leaving this blog behind, I kind of stopped doing everything I should have, including my exams which need to be passed this month, hopefully), but I will try my best to keep this blog updated.

Anyway,  I decided to start by sharing my newest analog photos. Most of these photos were taken last summer, but some were also taken last week when I finally decided to take a camera in my hands again. I was really excited to see how these photos turned out and I have to admit that some turned out better than I thought they would and some were quite disappointing. I still have a lot to practice (some photos have too much noise, and some have a very bad light, but I still find them interesting). Stay tuned, more photos to come! 

Erm, I also decided to make some small blogging changes, like including affiliate links in my posts (a girl's gotta try to earn something) and similar. I will see how these will turn out in the future. I also plan to post more photography posts than outfit post, at least until we have a more beautiful weather. 

So if you are willing, check out Blue Vanilla here(link). I believe they still have an ongoing sale where you can shop to 80% off and also check out Another8(link), you can get 10% off your order if you use code "A8LOVE". I wrote about these two brands in the previous post here(link). Happy shopping!