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blazer Romwe
hat eBay, seen here!
tote bag Tjt, seen here!

photos by Meliha

I didn't really plan on spending this Friday night at home, but while Be is dealing with a toothache, I'm in bed with a cold, coughing and trying to drink as much tee as possible. A great way to greet the month of October! Which reminds me, I'm super excited for this year's Halloween. I made some plans that I hope I'll be able to achieve, especially when it comes to my costume. I'm going as a fairy, hopefully! I wanted to buy a wig on eBay, but I don't have enough money now and I keep getting outbid, so I'm gonna have to think of something else!

Anyway, summer is officially behind us and I'm still having a hard time saying goodbye to it. At least it's not raining every day! You might remember this blazer from my wishlist here. I love it so much, but it's a bit thin. I'm hoping the weather will treat me for at least another week or two, because I reeeally want to wear it (and I don't want to freeze).