Let's be honest, I never thought I'd actually ever write about wedding dresses on my blog, but when Aisle Style contacted me and asked if I'd write a post about them, I thought to myself: Why not?

As a little girl I had dreams about my own wedding  and while I try not to think about that nowdays (even though I have it all planned out, you know, just in case), everyone around me is kind of getting married and then I get an invitation in my inbox and ask myself: What to wear?

This is that kind of post.  So, I browsed Aisle Style and found my top picks. I'm all about light colours + the longer the dress the better. And don't forget the dreamy touch of lace and pale blue. Already feels like a fairytale!  

These two dresses are definitely my favorite ones. I also believe that they could be worn in different occasions as well (not only as bridesmaids dresses). 

My other top picks are these dresses, a bit more formal, but still gorgeous! Talking about that pale pink colour! I also have to mention that my sister was stunned by them. 

Aisle Style is a website that has quite a big selection of wedding, prom, cocktail and evening dresses. Whether you are looking for something elaborate or simple, reserved or bold, Aisle Style dresses suit every age and style!

*This post is sponsored by AisleStyle