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tote bag Society6
second hand shirt

photos by Marija

Here's a funny (not really) story. How I come up with the post names? Usually, during the photo editing process. Sometimes I think of a story and name the post after a character I imagine to be, sometimes I use the name of the curve I used for editing and sometimes I just use the first word/sentence that comes to my mind while thinking of something/someone or listening to music.

Anyway, hello July! Guess who's birthday is in 6 days? I'm turning 23! Time flies really fast. I remember writing my 22nd birthday post (link to read) like it was just a few days ago.

I'm going on a family trip to Kastav tomorrow. My bags are already packed and I can't wait to arrive. I really miss all the places my sister and I used to visit. Follow my instagram (link) for updates. Ttyl!

  1. 23! So young! And I love your hair in these pictures!

  2. Lovely Post! ♥

    ♥ Marie

  3. I love the bag! It looks awesome. Fun to hear how you think of names for your blogpost, that's always a difficult thing to do. I find it sometimes difficult to pick something original.


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