Mondays. Ugh. Still in my PJs, with dirty hair, I'm drinking coke and going through old folders. Questions which start with a "why" are occupying my head. I have an answer to all of them but I keep finding excuses. In these situations, my sister would end the conversation with a simple, what can a girl do? I'd say, nothing, while she'd disagree and just say, anything she wants. That's my new mantra!

I always had difficulties in expressing myself. I can only type my feelings, I can not say them. That is one of the many perks of us, shy people. And while I can find ways to turn my sadness, anger and pain into something beautiful, I prefer expressing myself with that reblog button. You always get back to tumblr in the end. The place full of people like you, where everyone understands everybody and no one understands anything. So... sad, gray, boring Monday, I'm tumblin you away!