It's snowing outside. The temperature is at 1 °C and I'm all curled up in my bed, wearing my warmest sweater and PJs. There is nothing much I can do so, as usual, I spend my time browsing online shops and creating wishlists.

Again, I'm all up and about Zaful - my all-time favorite online store. I'm the one who always has the weirdest  and various prints on my clothes, but what I lack most in my wardrobe are plain simple shirts and blouses I can combine those prints with. Something like this chiffon blouse would be perfect. I also loved the skirt, but was only able to find similar zippered skirts, which are also quite stunning. 

I spotted this velvet biker jacket a long time ago and it's been on my wishlist since. To someone who is completely obsessed with velvet, this jacket is a must have! As for the dress, glittered clothes are not usually my thing, but this dress looks so gorgeous that I'm willing to make an exception. I already see myself wearing it! 

zaful - online fashion store, chiffon blouse, velvet biker jacket, glittered midi dress, wishlist

Let me know what you think of my mini-wishlist in the comments! Oh and check out Zaful's deep purple dress collection. Purple is the color of the season!

*in collaboration with Zaful