In the world of Internet, online events and invitations seem to be the only way of letting people know something is happening. And this girl is celebrating her 24th birthday next Wednesday. I already got myself a birthday present, which I will reveal to you when it arrives, but the current task is to gather my friends for a small celebration. Normally, I would just send a text message or a chat to everyone letting them know when I plan to celebrate and that would be it. But this year I got a chance to do it in a creative way.

Paperless post invited me to try their online birthday invitations. At first, I was a bit uninterested thinking , what for would I need a site like that? But after having a better look, I'm so glad I didn't turn it down.

First, you choose your design. There are countless designs you can choose from. To be honest, there were a few which even inspired me to think of some party ideas. I really loved the process of making my card. You can edit anything you like, from alignment, typefaces, colors, letter spacing and text effects on your invitation to the colors of your envelope. 
And, if you really can't find anything you like, which I doubt is going to happen, you can upload your own design. 

Then, you get to choose your reply card option. It can be an invitation with rsvp, greeting card, save the date etc. so you can easily communicate with your guests, collect additional information and see who's coming. 

At last, you add your guest list and send your invites. The best thing is that you can actually have your invitations printed and sent by Paperless post, but this option is currently only available for The USA, UK, Australia and Canada. But it won't stop me from printing mine on my own.

Overall, it was a quite interesting experience. I love the fact that I was able to personalize my card but still have it well-designed. My friends were thrilled when they got the invites. They got an e-envelope with their name on it, which directed them to my personalized event page with the invitation, the reply card, guest list and the comment wall. Stunning! 

* this post has been published in collaboration with Paperless post, but the words and experience are my own