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// self-portraits

And those people in my head never gave me peace. But I loved them, each and every one of them. How could I not? They were but only MY creation. Their faces, their names, personalities, style, even the sound of their voices. Yeah, I could even hear them when they spoke. They spoke my words, but I could hear them.. and their touch. Chimerical, but I always felt it. I didn't even have to close my eyes.

Maladative daydreaming. My gift and my curse. Until recently I had no idea it could be called a condition. To me, it was just creativity. One that I could not control that easily. Flashes. A song, a car ride, a look - it would take only a moment for me to get lost in my world of dreams. But oh, how I loved to dream....

Can you perceive how it feels to be infected by waiting? I waited my entire life for something, and while waiting I lived in my dreams. Reality was too cruel... until it wasn't anymore.