As I have a hard time expressing my feelings through words and generally interacting with people, I use typing and photography to do that for me. Hence this blog.

And while this blog is a platform where I can share my art, I still hope I can use it to earn money (which I ocassionally do by writing sponsored posts). Hence, Patreon.

By pledging to be my patron, you can get early access to my work, as well as access to my unpublished posts and photos, and all other posts not being shared here. You can also choose your rewards. For now you can download my images in high resolution and get a collection of 6 prints with a handwriten note sent to you. If you have any reward ideas, please write them in the comment section or drop me an e-mail (see contact page).

As for me, your pledges would help me fund my equipment and allow me to continue my creative work, and maybe earn some pocket money.

If you'd like to become a patron, you can do that HERE. A big thank you! ♥

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