RADAR - the location platform for mobile apps

Mobile phones - everyone has them. Mobile apps - everyone uses them. What's a phone without apps today anyways? We surely don't use them only for calls - and we have apps for that too, don't we?

Introducing Radar (app developers - this one is for you!). Ever thought about adding location tracking and context to your apps? Instead of building everything from scratch, you can integrate Radar into your apps with a few lines of code via their iOS and Android toolkits.

So, what is Radar actually? Radar is the location platform for mobile apps, which provides tools that help app developers add location tracking to their apps. Meaning an app can send push notifications, or help with tracking when the user is at a certain location. To make it even more simple, if you are entering a store like Walmart or Starbucks, a shopping app will send you a push notification promoting their product, which gives you more insight of what kind of products are in offer, any sales available and similar. Another example, delivery apps can help you track delivery drivers so you can always know when to expect your orders/mails etc. Or, a travel app can change their in-app experience when someone is traveling and at an airport. Cool, right?

Radar has three products: Geofencing, Insights and Places. First thing's first, what is Geofencing? - A technology that defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area. That means, you draw certain regions called geofences, which usually represent stores, neighborhoods or any other region you choose, on a map and Radar uses Geofencing to tell you when a user enters those geofences.
With Radar's Insights you will learn where a user lives and works, and know when a user is home, at work, or traveling. With Places, Radar will tell you when a user is at a certain place, a chain, or a category, even if you don't set up a geofence for that place.

What do you think about apps with location tracking? Would you use them? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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